Terri Butterworth Springfed 2016
Oil on Canvas 1220 x 1120 mm

We are pleased to present Terri Butterworth’s first solo painting exhibition Fluid Boundaries with 1st Avenue Gallery in Sawtell. Butterworth is an accomplished painter with an extensive career spanning nearly 50 years as an exhibiting artist throughout Australia and Internationally. Her love of line and the energy of line with the dynamic rhythm of her mark making has been a passion of her life’s work. Her paintings express what usually can’t be placed into words. The singular notion of gesture and intuition has always been a driving force in her art practice. A fascination and obsession with discovering the limits of Abstraction, the intensity of pushing colour and shape that flow from the brush and the ever-changing results are a constant in her daily practice. “The more you work in the abstract realm the more the mind and inner-self aligns itself to the mysteries and mystic of the landscape around us.” says Butterworth.

Terri Butterworth WellSpring 2016
Oil on Canvas 1220 x 1120 mm

Fluid boundaries are a sense of space the artist works in when painting. It’s the transition from the seen to the un-seen - from a realistic gaze progressing to abstraction. It’ the feelings of the un-seen…the ones we feel not see that underline her narrative. The atmosphere and rhythm of the landscape is also an important aspect of Butterworth’s aesthetic. “There’s a boundary there and its fluid…one can drop into it and then come out again.” she says. The figure can be seen in some of the paintings in the exhibition, but they’re transparent, the audience can interpret with their own insights - they can be part of the landscape or included in the essence of the landscape. Butterworth insists her figures are never really obvious. “This new body of work feels like I’ve taken another step forward with my painting. I used a lot of white and colours I don’t normally use. The juxtaposition of these hues makes my paintings light, full of air and fluid. I am attempting to paint ‘light’.” remarks Butterworth. It’s the deconstructing of the world around us and then placing it all back together separated by light, which interests the artist. The paintings in the exhibition appear to be busy and full, but the shapes and the lines and the light work with each other to display a sense of harmony, which in turn may reflect our own lives. Please join us to examine Butterworth’s understanding of the landscape. It’s the artist’s intention the audience may come to ‘see’ in a new and exciting way.

Terri Butterworth Crimsom Shelter 2016
Oil on Canvas 1120 x 1220 mm

Artist Statement

As a painter I am seeking to achieve expressive images based on elements of inspiration, which consider feelings, sense of place, mood and atmosphere. The focus of this body of work is an exploration of combining personal emotions and experience with aspects of the landscape and seascape where I live and work. I’m fascinated with the qualities of paint and colour, and working with the abstract, which offers a world of unlimited possibilities. The notion of transience, interconnection, the perception of defined boundaries and the intensity of emotion that can be conveyed with seemingly so little continues to intrigue and inspires me to continue painting.

Terri Butterworth May 2016