Voileta Lanza The Landscape Real and Imagined 2016
1st Avenue Gallery Installation, Sawtell NSW, Australia

We are pleased to present Violeta Lanza’s second solo painting exhibition with 1st Avenue Gallery, ‘Landscape Real and Imagined – Evolution of Land and the Artist.’ With this new exhibition of paintings Lanza’s subject matter depicts landscapes that exist on Earth from varying sources, along with invented scenes from the artist’s imagination. The series of paintings oscillate from realism and knowing to the ‘more than real’ with an undisclosed sense of place and atmosphere. At stages throughout the body of work the artist deconstructs the picture plane with an ideal and the sensibility of Cubism, using shape and colour to suit her eye and desire. The twists and turns visually of Lanza’s stylistic approaches surprise the viewer at every opportunity.

Voileta Lanza Old Man of Hoy, Scotland 2016
Acrylic on canvas 910 X 1220

Artist Statement

I feel like I’m ready to evolve and change. I want to evolve into something else, something more. The idea of an artist’s practice over a long period of time is of interest to me. It’s the immersion of the artist’s life into painting and creating and the developmental arcs and exploration I find fascinating.The power and beauty of the universe affects me all the time. When you think of the landscape on Earth, it undergoes such monumental changes over the evolution of time. I wanted to reflect the evolution of change in my life and my experiences of change throughout my life.

I feel like I don’t have any hidden agenda or messages with my art practice, but suddenly as an exhibition develops I realize I do have a lot to say. Sometimes my stories aren’t hugely important issues but are just things that I observe or that take my fancy, and at other times, global issues are of profound interest to me. I realize that within the audience everybody will have a different interpretation of my paintings. A lot of my works for this exhibition are of mountainous scenes. I’m drawn to high and broad mountains – it’s their beauty, power, and strength that moves me. My connection seems to come from deep inside my psyche. But I do admire the flatness of the desert also.

Voileta Lanza The Landscape Real and Imagined 2016
1st Avenue Gallery Exhibtion Opening, Sawtell NSW, Australia

My signature approach is a gentle stylisation and the specific rhythm of my aesthetic. To me, it is very appealing and enhances the paintings. I love pattern and repetition and it’s these elements that attract me to Australian Indigenous art. Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Henri Rousseau are painters that influence my art practice. Colour is another important element of my paintings. For such a long time [most of my career] a monochromatic paIette of black and white was how I worked. Now I gravitate towards bright colours and it is quite liberating. Curves and a sense of line are appealing to my eye, and its funny I say that because Cubism is now a big element in this current body of paintings. A dream like quality and surrealism also imbues my paintings. A sense of both the real and the surreal meshed together is what I strive for.

The eye and emotions go hand in hand...I see an image [of a particular landscape] and it just catches my imagination. The idea that we are all connected and we are connected to the land as well is a large part of my personal philosophy. Some of the paintings in this exhibition are of local Sawtell landscapes. I thought I owed it to the place I call home and live in. The local scenes reflect my admiration for the beauty and intensity of the Sawtell area and the paintings are developed from my own photography of these landscapes. Painting is an essential part of my life and I paint and draw on a daily basis. What I’m trying to convey is “this is the world we live in…wow.” I guess that observation in itself is a spiritual notion. It’s my hope that we don’t take it for granted.

Violeta Lanza 2016

Voileta Lanza Wilson Bight, Tasmania 2016
Acrylic on canvas 1020 X 760