I'm delighted to present these charming paintings from the Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation of Yuendumu, in conjunction with 1st Avenue Gallery Sawtell.

The Yuendumu community lies some 300kms north west of Alice Springs and is a community close to my heart. It is here that in 1987 I arrived in a light aircraft chartered from Alice Springs (a friend took me) to see the amazing paintings of the Warlukurlangu artists. On my return I opened my first gallery in Bowral NSW. I did not know then, that this would change my life and direct me on an amazing trajectory, enabling me to experience this enigmatic living culture and open my eyes to Aboriginal life in the desert.

Saraeva Napangardi Marshall Mina Mina 2014 acrylic on canvas 300 x 300mm

The paintings are 'maps' of the country and celebrate bushtucker, water/rockholes, hunting, women's and men's business, seasonal fruits and food gathering tools and more. Picture in your mind the aerial views of country and you can understand better these celebratory paintings. By painting on canvas what used to be drawn in the sand; the country is being renewed and the children are taught culture. It is common to see grandmothers with their granddaughters at the art centre, passing on knowledge through painting these stories.

Ivy Napangardi Poulson Pikilyi Jukurrpa 2014 acrylic on canvas 300 x 300mm

My last trip to Yuendumu was in 2012 when I worked as a volunteer in the art centre, staying in a donga; something I promised myself to do for many years. It was an incredible experience.

Enjoy this refreshing, colourful array of paintings from the heart of Australia.

Julia Johnston Aboriginal Art Consultant

The late Shorty Jangala Robertson with Julia Johnston at Yuendumu September 2012